Learn the basics of Narrative film producing in only 4 sessions! 


The Narrative Film Producing Introductory Certificate


The Narrative Film Producing Introductory Certificate Course is a four-part series of classes, each presenting a specific aspect, process, or skill involved in producing narrative feature films. This course is for anyone interested in the feature film producing process, whether or not you have any experience in producing or filmmaking.


Date Range:

Feb 2nd – Feb 26th 2021 (Each Tuesday evening @ 7:30pm)

 Location: Virtual (Zoom)



Why take the Narrative Film Producing Introductory Certificate Course?

Producers have control over almost every aspect of a film’s production. They initiate and drive the movie forward, bringing together a production team, including the director, director of photography, production designer and major cast members. The producer’s primary responsibility is to guide a project from the beginning to the audience, building an environment where the project, film’s cast and crew can thrive. They lead the film from conception to script, from script to producing the film, into distribution, marketing and beyond.


About the Narrative Film Producing Introductory Certificate Course

This four-part evening course answers specific questions in key areas of producing, and explores the opportunities producers have today to develop, finance, budget and market a film. During each class you will learn skills essential to getting a movie made. To receive a certificate, attend all sessions. This certificate course is taught by Producer and Director TJ Collins.


What will it cover?


Day 1: Project Development and Creating A Business Plan


Once you finish searching for new talent, settled on the next hot director and found that absolutely terrific script, you need to prepare a plan to get the money to shoot your film. Day 1 will discuss how to prepare your project for presentation to private investors and to industry funding sources.

This evening class will run through the basic essentials you will need to package your project and present to private investors.



Day Two: Pre-Production, Budgeting and Scheduling


This class provides the critical backbone of your film: A film budget is a list of all the resources and people you need to make your film; and a schedule is when and where you need them. This session runs through the essentials, conventions and details required in assembling a budget and scheduling your shooting days.

This evening class will explain how scripts are analyzed to create a realistic budget and schedule.


Topics include: 

  • Script breakdown
  • Casting
  • Assembling the production team
  • Creating a do-able schedule



Day 3: Production – Filming the movie


The day has come to film the movie. Understand all the moving parts, from cast to crew and everything inbetween. What major crisis or decisions will the producer be faced with and how to handle them.


Topics include: 

  • Working on set
  • The obstacles facing film producers
  •  Understanding the process of the director, actor, cinematographer and 1st assistant director



Day 4: Post production and selling your film

Post Production is the final step in the filmmaking process before presenting it to the world. Learn the essentials of post-production to get the highest quality film for festivals and distribution. We will teach you how to prepare for film festivals, film markets and deliverables for distributors.


Topics include:

  • The post production team
  • Post production work flow
  • Film festivals explained
  • How sales agents work


Who Should Attend

Writers, directors, producers, actors, filmmakers, cinema lovers, anyone with an interest in how movies are made and those who want to produce movies.



Narrative Film Producing Introductory Certificate Course

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