Learn the basics of Documentary film producing in only 4 sessions! 


Documentary Producing Certificate Introductory Course

This Documentary Producing course is a four-part series of classes, each presenting a specific aspect, process, or skill involved in producing documentary films. This course is for anyone interested, whether or not you have any experience.


Date Range : March 9th-30th  2021


Location: Virtual (Zoom) 


Description: Why take the Documentary Producing Certificate Introductory Course


Producers have control over almost every aspect of a documentary film production.

They initiate and drive the movie forward, bringing together a production team, including the director, director of photography and sound. The producer’s primary responsibility is to guide a project from the idea to the screen. They lead the film from conception to producing the film, into distribution, marketing and beyond.


This four-part Documentary Producing Certificate Introductory Course will answer specific questions in key areas of producing, and explores the opportunities producers have today to develop, finance, budget and market a film. During each class you will learn skills essential to getting a documentary made and seen. To receive a certificate, attend all sessions. This Producer’s certificate class is taught by Producer and Director Lesya Kalynska.  


What will it cover?


1. Documentary Types


In this session, you will learn the various genres of documentary filmmaking. It is important to understand what type of documentary you are making before the start of production.


Topics include:

- Different types of documentary

- Comparisons of styles and techniques

- Film case study


2. Story Development


Making a documentary has many challenges and telling a story that is clear, emotional and effective is one of them. We will explore the many ways of shaping a documentary film. We will cover the three-act structure, plot, theme, and character. We will also discuss specific films as case studies.


Topics include:

- Identifying your topic and idea

- Working with characters and shaping your story

- Structuring a documentary



3. Documentary Budgeting


In this lesson we provide you with a practical understanding of the budgeting process. We will discuss how to create a realistic and professional budget based on the needs of your film.


Topics include:

 - Business basics

 - Categories, Line Items and Rates

 - Budgeting for preproduction, production and post production



4. Documentary Grants


Most documentaries rely on foundation grants, non-profits, arts organizations and the kindness of individual donors. Independent filmmakers rely on these funding sources to a great extent. The documentary funding landscape is very competitive and applying for grants to top funders can feel overwhelming and arduous. This session will discuss the many elements within a proposal, partnering with nonprofit organizations, and discuss the grant writing process so that you'll have the confidence in applying for grants.


Topics include:

- The Grant Application

- Finding the money

- What top funders look for in a proposal?

- Research and identify diverse resources for doc film funding



Documentary Producing Certificate Introductory Course

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